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Sorry for not updating much these days, although I'm in a long holiday. I'm a lot distracted these days that I even can't translate my favourite songs (SHINee's). I'm very sorry! So, I'll be working on requests first then I'll continue to translate SHINee songs. Although, I'll be working on requests first, SHINee's Replay Boku wa no everything will be the opening act because of some reasons (SHINee is my bias LOL). So these are the requests that I've collected from Kpop Lyrics 2 Malay Facebook Page and Formspring.

  • Never Let You Go-2AM
  • Bad Girl-B2st
  • Make Little of Others-FT Island
  • One Way Back-Kim Jonghyun
  • Love Girl-CN Blue
  • Pinnochio-F(x) *warning, maybe there's incorrect translation here
  • Ma Boy-Sistar 19
  • 0330-UKISS
  • Love Song-Big Bang
  • Tonight-Big Bang  Sorry, I can't translate this song. So confusing.
The order of requests fulfillment will be at random. Depends on the time constrains and also the difficulty of translations. Besides the requests, I'll be translating these songs:
  • SHINee songs, I'll try to finish all the songs somehow.
  • Hot Summer-F(x)
  • If there's more requests LOL.
So, there's for now. Keep Calm and Wait for Update kay! Ciao!

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