I am a '92 liner girl who lives in Malaysia, practicing fully Malay language in my life. #typicalmalay you can say. English language is my 'working/academic' language although I always tweet (yes I have twitter, check links below) in English. So it's kinda work-fun use of language lol. I graduated as a Bachelor of Science degree holder from a local university and currently planning to further my study in Master level. Besides that, I'm an EXO-L and a staff of EXO-Malaysia, you could find the fanbase link on the side bar. It's kind of weird to have the admin post in English while the main language for the blog is Malay right? I don't know, whenever I type, English is my default language so... yeah. 
Started off as 'juzlilteen.blogspot.com' as a side blog to unleash my inner kpop fan. One day I thought of translating the kpop lyrics to Malay language, so posted malay translated lyrics here. The translations are posted based on my liking and some random requests on the Facebook fanpage (yes you may request there~).

I don't have any knowledge in Korean language so I translated based the English translations. Some parts might be wrong because the lost of meaning in translating English to Malay process, I'm really sorry! So if you could translate from Korean to Malay, please either email your translated work (without romanization is still ok, I could try to romanize the lyrics myself) or contact me to apply for an admin position. Thank you very much >__<

Credit/Special Thanks
I credited my sources on the bottom of every translations, so I'd say thank you very much for the Korean/Chinese/Japanese to English translators out there~ Special thanks to my friends that helped me with this blog before: Syazwan, Asma' and recently Nuriz. :) I love you all.


email: sarahalia92@gmail.com
facebook fanpage: Kpop Lyrics 2 Malay
twitter: http://twitter.com/kjm01sh522

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